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1. When is a Building Permit required?
2. How do I apply for a building permit?
3. How do I schedule a building inspection?
4. Residential Permit Requirements
5. Commercial and Industrial Permit Requirements
6. How to Upload Documents
7. Is a Building Permit required to remodel my house?
8. Is a Permit required to finish my basement?
9. Do I need a Permit for cement flat work?
10. Do I need a Permit to construct a retaining wall?
11. Do I need a Permit to install a fence?
12. Do I need a Permit for an accessory building? (sheds, barns, detached garages)
13. Do I have to have a Building Permit for City inspections?
14. What details must I provide to the City Building Dept in order to request a building inspection?
15. What are the setbacks for a fence?
16. Is a Bond required at the time of a Building Permit?
17. How can I see a list of permits issued for a certain location or time period?