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Sport Complex Request Form

  1. Field Request Form
  2. Light curfew is 11:00 pm MST, no new games shall begin after 9:30 pm MST

  3. Event Location(s):*

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  4. Insurance

    Cedar City requires liability insurance policy of three-million-dollars. Proof of Liability Insurance must be submitted upon approval of rental request. 

  5. Alcohol


    All events are subject to Cedar City Ordinance 27A

  6. General Use Field Fees:

    Security/Damage Deposit $25.00/Field    
    One Field (Up to 4 hour Block) $50.00/Field
    One Field (Over 4 hour Block & includes one Field Prep). $150.00/Field
    Field Prep (per prep per field) $30.00/Field
    Lights (per field per hour) $20.00/Field
    Temporary Fences $25.00/Field                     

    Security/Damage Deposit $25.00/Field   
    One Field (Up to 4 hour Block) $25.00/Field
    One Field (Over 4 hour Block) $175.00/Field
    Complex all day $375/day (5+ fields)

  7. Complex Rental Understanding
    • Games will not be scheduled, or fields rented before Mid-April. The exact date will be determined at the beginning of each year by the Cedar City Leisure Services Department and is dependent on weather and required field maintenance.
    • Tournaments are required to have schedules to the Leisure Services field scheduler 1 week in advance of tournament date.
    • A copy of the Tournaments two-million-dollar liability insurance policy must be provided with the submission of the schedules.
    • Tournament payments must be made to the Leisure Services field scheduler on the Monday prior to tournament play. Payment will include field rental, light, and field prep fees.
    • Anticipated light usage and field preps need to be specified to the Leisure Services field scheduler when schedules are submitted. No refunds or credits will be given for the lack of use of lights or preps from payment agreement.
    • The requested use of temporary fences must be specified based on each individual field when schedules are submitted to the Leisure Services field scheduler. The Parks Field Supervisor will have the final authority on approval of fences.
    • The Cedar City Parks Field Supervisor has the authority to cancel any field usage due to inclement weather or poor field conditions.
    • Fields will be made available and prepared according to the schedules provided to the Leisure Services field scheduler. It’s pertinent to make sure all updates or changes to any schedules are submitted in a timely manner (no less than 24 hours prior to) to ensure fields are ready for play.
    • Operation of the scoreboards, if desired is to be communicated to the Parks Division Field Supervisor for an additional fee.
    • No vehicles allowed inside complexes during tournaments other than City or Emergency vehicles for any circumstance. If vendors are present, they must have vehicles unloaded and outside of the complex before play begins.
    • If more than 30 teams (400 persons total) are scheduled to play at any one complex in a single day, for tournament use, no less than 4 portable restrooms need to be provided by the tournament organizer. Portable restrooms must be dropped off no later than 3:30pm the day before play begins and picked up no later than 48hrs after play ends, per Cedar City Events requirements.
    • Concessions will be operated by the City at the Field at the Hills complex. The Little League organizations or the Soda Nerd business will operate concessions at the Veteran’s and Bicentennial complexes. Food trucks or outside vendors will not be permitted while concessions are in operation.
    • Deposits for field rentals must be paid one month prior to the tournament date. Cancellations of tournament reservations made 2 weeks prior to rental date are subject to a full refund of the deposit paid. The deposit will be voided for cancellations made within 2 weeks of the tournament reservation date.
  8. Agreement *

    The applicant or group accepts and acknowledges the risk of injury inherent with their event and as the host of an event agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cedar City, its elected and appointed officials, its employees, volunteers and assigns from all negligent acts of applicant's or group's employees, volunteers, agents, guests, or participants before, during, and after its event and related to the use of the facilities and any event hosted on the City's facilities by the applicant/group.

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