Airport Master Plan

Cedar City Airport

An Airport Master Plan is a comprehensive study of an airport that describes short, medium,and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand. Master Plans are prepared to match the community’s aviation need with the most appropriately sized facility.

TO Engineers is currently completing the Cedar City Regional Airport Master Plan. When complete, the document will present a strategy for the development of the airport by providing a framework to cost-effectively satisfy aviation demand while considering the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts. The CDC Master Plan project includes a pre-planning phase, public involvement, a review of environmental considerations, an inventory of existing conditions, forecasts of aeronautical demand, facility requirements, alternative development and evaluation, airport layout plans, a facilities implementation plan, and a financial feasibility analysis.
As documents are created during the CDC Master Plan they will be posted below. Additional information about TO Engineers can be found on their website:

CLICK HERE: Cedar City Airport Master Plan

Current 2018 Airport Master Plan